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John Guest, B.A., J.D.

John Guest, B.A., J.D.

Family Lawyer, Partner at Lendor & Guest LLP

John has been practicing exclusively in family law since he opened his own practice, Guest Law, in 2016. In late 2017, he joined Allison Lendor, to form Lendor & Guest LLP.

John’s approach to family law is settlement-oriented. He enjoys working for clients who try to preserve as much of the family’s resources as possible and who strive for a solution that works for everyone. While John treats court as a last resort, he has an active litigation practice since he accepts referrals from lawyers who are unable to resolve their family law files outside of court.

In court, John likes being well prepared and carefully analyzing his client’s options before making a recommendation.

John is pleased to have been invited to present at both the 26th and 28th Annual Institute of Family Law, where he spoke about procedure, evidence and affidavit drafting.

John enjoys an eclectic mix of hobbies, including making food products from scratch (such as hot sauce and chocolate) playing strategy games, and spending time with his young family.


- B.A. (Highest Hons.) in Legal Studies from Carleton University (2012)

- J.D. from the Faculty of Common Law, University of Ottawa (2014)

- Law Society of Ontario
- County of Carleton Law Association
- Practice Panel for Collaborative Practice Ottawa


Roxane Delaney

Roxane Delaney

Office Manager and Licensed Paralegal

Roxane graduated with Higest Honours from Carleton University with a Bachelors in Criminology with focus in Law. After doing a family law internship for Allison Lendor as a legal assistant, Roxane went on to pursue a graduate diploma at Algonquin College to become a paralegal. In addition to managing our office, Roxane is licensed by the Law Society of Ontario as a paralegal. 

Why choose us?


We take our reputation and professional obligations seriously and act only in your interests. We know you expect us to be honest about your case and you can always count on us for our frank opinion, even if it is not always what you were expecting.


Our exclusive focus on family law has allowed us to acquire experience in complex areas of family law, including international family issues, business valuations, custody and access assessmets, and complex property and support issues. We appear in court on routine family matters on a weekly basis.


We regularly update ourselves on developments in the law and attend and present at family law conferences in Ontario’s East Region.

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